Ice Block Maker


Sarmacell offers a wide range of ice block machine especially for hot air temperature area like iran and other place. sarmacell ice block maker is assembled from world first class components, high effective, durable and ideal performance. Faster ice block harvest speed to help you earn more money, hard and not easy melting of ice block helps you more in this business.



Ice Flake Maker


Ice Flake Machine is produced in different capacities and for uses in household, stores, restaurant, industrial, sausage , producing industrial bread,… .

Specifications of ice flake machine:

·         Ability of installing on concrete plant in tropical environments.

·         100Kg – 50Ton production capacity per 24 hours.

·         Very low volume and the ability of installation in every place (fishing vessel)

·         The separation of fine ice part and refrigeration system (if needed)

·         Super efficiency ratio of producing ice to consuming energy.

·         The ability of using in chillers and water cooler.

·         Changing producing ice temperature in one machine.

·         Possibility of designing and creating for special uses.


(Parallel Compressor Systems (Rack


Multi compressors – rack system – are assembled in a structure of metal base, by coupling two or four parallel compressors so that compressors are positioned in the top and all other equipment is positioned undernea
Oil reservoirs provide a holding charge of oil in an oil control system.the amount of oil circulating in a refrigerating system varies depending on the operating conditions.the oil reservoir caters for these fluctuations by providing additional storage capacity .the oil reservoir is fed by the oil separator and feeds the oil level regulators, mounted on the compressors crankcases . oil reservoir is supplied with two rotalock valves to easy connect oil fill and oil drain. a connection on the top permits the assembling of a pressure vent valve
The reservoir is provided of two sight glasses to check the oil level
The oil reservoirs are suitable for HFC refrigerant fluids,particularly R134a, R404A, R407C, R507 mixed with polyester lubricants . they are also suitable for old CFC or HCFC refrigerant fluids, mixed with mineral lubricants
Condensers can be air cooled, evaporative and shell & tube water cooled that connects rack to cooling tower
Rack system consist of
Oil level regulator
Connection adapter
Discharge line
Oil separator
Check valve
Oil reservoir container
Differetial pressure valve
Pressure equalizing
Oil supply line



Blast Freezer


A blast freezer is a freezer which is extremely cold. It may also be known as a shock freezer. Such freezers are intended to rapidly bring the temperature of foods down, freezing them extremely quickly. These specialized freezers are used in the frozen food industry for everything from ice cream to television dinners, and they are also utilized in some commercial kitchens for specialty tasks

When food is frozen, the water inside it crystallizes. If freezing takes place at relatively warm temperatures, the ice crystals which form will be large. In a blast freezer, the extremely cold temperature promotes very rapid freezing, which creates small ice crystals. The smaller the crystals, the less damage to the food, as large crystals can rupture cells. Once the food has been frozen, it can be moved to a more conventional freezer for storage, as long as the freezer stays cold enough to keep the food frozen

Many blast freezers operate with blowers which force chilled air over the food in the freezer to cool it down rapidly. Others may operate differently, depending on the design. These freezers can be equipped with movable trays for positioning foods, and they may also include an assortment of compartments for freezing. The freezer can usually handle foods which are chilled, at room temperature, or hot, as long as it is not overloaded; too high a volume of hot food, for example, can cause the temperature in the blast freezer to rise