Maleki Industries Co at The 14 International Exhibition Of Iran Installation Hvac & R Exhibition Heating – Cooling – Ventilating – Air Conditioning & Refrigerating

  Construction and commissioning of 280 Tons Air Cooled Chiller For Rey Diamond Shopping Center

 Construction and commissioning of 80 Tons Air Cooled Chiller & 10000cfm Air Handling Unit  For Amir Kabir Industry Co

 Construction and commissioning of 100 Tons Air Cooled Chiller For Mr. Delshadi

Construction and commissioning of 120 Tons Air Cooled Chiller For Pegah Company

 Construction and commissioning of 200 Tons Water Cooled Chiller For Chamran Hospital

Maleki Industries Co ay 24 International Exhibition Of Food, Food  Technology & Agriculture 23 -26 May , 2017