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Packaged units
Packaged units offer both heating and cooling performance from one product. They contain three key parts: an evaporator, condenser and compressor. These units can be situated in a mechanical room, at grade adjacent to the condition space or on the rooftop of home or business.
Packaged units are typically less effective than central air conditioning systems. However each unit can be controlled from a different room and have a temperature that is independent of the others. They come in three variants:
۱٫ Packaged heat pumps offering heating/cooling using heat pump technology.
۲٫ Packaged air conditioners to cool residence or business and can heat it as well, using electric resistance heat strips during the cold winter season.
۳٫ Packaged gas-electric units offer all-in-one air conditioning and natural &/or LP gas-powered furnace performance.
۴٫ Packaged which use hot water comes from boiler for heating, and use the refrigeration cycle for cooling.
• PTAC units are relatively inexpensive to purchase per unit. This is because they are usually purchased based upon the individual room that it is needed for.
• PTAC are also quite cheap to operate. This is because they are self-contained. They are able to heat or cool a room individually. This helps to lower your bills and make your home a lot more energy efficient. Packaged Air conditioning units will only use the energy that needs using!
• There aren’t many disadvantages for a Packaged Air Conditioning unit besides the fact that they can only heat or cool one room at a time and would require multiple purchases to control the overall temperature of your home.
• Packaged air conditioning units are also often louder than split air conditioning systems.

• Aeration from 2500 cfm to 30000 cfm
• Full control over the operation of the fan according to the temperature of the condenser
• Copper tube/aluminum fin coils
• higher capacities can be produced on customer requests
• PLC can be used to Control System
• Unified and two-piece models and models with vertical and horizontal and L-type
• Equipped with washable Aluminum filters, HEPA, bag and plated

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