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About Company

The Introduction of Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co. (Sarmacell)

Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., (Sarmacell) was established in 1983 to fulfill the purposes of responding to industry needs in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as development of new technologies.

The activities of this collection were initially in the field of importing refrigeration equipment which then motivated to build a factory for the production of refrigeration systems used in Ahvaz.

With the aim of producing air conditioning systems, support and after-sales service, assistance to procurement activities , we decided to establish Tehran headquarter at the beginning of Karaj Makhsous Road in 2000.

Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., as an enthusiastic and dynamic company tries to pave the way and utilize the knowledge and technology to the planning and emphasis on innovation as a prestigious and well-known manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning systems has special rank in Iran which is capable of exporting products to regional countries.

One of the main issues that will change the market to become more competitive for transaction of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems is our ability to produce and deliver a variety of new and high quality products.

With this motivation, Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., as an agent of famous companies is trying to let its share be a fantastic motivation to activate industry more through importing world acclaimed brands such as Packless, Dixell, Suniso, Harp, Castel & GVN.

Products and Services

Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., with prioritizing the needs of a wide range of clients and activities over the years, has gained valuable experiences with the implementation of several projects in Iran and the region in the oil, gas and petrochemical products, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and major construction projects.

Part of Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., activities are as follows:

  • Design, manufacture and installation of refrigeration systems including a variety of fixed, mobile and portable Cold Rooms – Cold Room Door – Freezing Tunnels – Laboratory equipment – Ice Bank – Industrial Coils – Central Refrigeration System (Rack) – Ice making factory
    • Design, manufacture and installation of air conditioning systems including a variety of Chillers and Mini Chillers – Air Handling Unit – Package Unit – heat exchangers
  • Supplier of spare parts and equipment
    • Business Services (export, import and distribution)
    • Technical advice and design services according to customers’ requirements
    • After sales service
    • Holding Special and complete training courses

Customer Orientation

What is important for Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., is to pay attention to the needs of customers within the years. Reaching this object will be possible by implementing some programs like Increasing productivity, providing products and services with high quality, timely delivery of orders and provide after-sales services. As we execute our job to sell the products, we could run an online store to fulfill demands of our customers to decrease their comings to our office. To Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., Customer Orientation is not merely a slogan as we recognize our customers as our commercial shareholders, tend to involve them in our industrial and commercial activities.

Research and Development

Research and development (R & D) in the Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., is among our highest priorities. We are trying to establish a knowledge based complex and use new ideas at engineering to be able to decrease related problems, increasing functions and performances, promote quality of products and services, design and manufacture of new products considering requirements which we have now and then.

Qualitative Values

Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co., keens to empower the industry by going through constructive interaction with the institutions of knowledge based, taking advantage of the knowledge and technologies in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Our aim always will be employing specialists and scholars to reach our goal. We managed to receive international standards (CE, ISO 9001:2008) for producing of high quality products and manage to export goods to countries at the region.

Core Value



Maleki Refrigeration industries co is the middle east leading in industries refrigeration and airconditioning systems and equipment solutions
our industrial refrigeration cold room systems is a provider and keeping safe food over the middle east region to Make better live and healthy over region regardless of climate and ensure the region food supply is transported and preserved for safe consumption create comfortable , productive and health environments our technical specialist products and service
Our culture and philosophy is rooted in core values which are define our wide range performance ,we strive for continuous growth to reinforce our leadership position and continuously improve the productivity of our assets and resources we also maintain the highest ethical standard further we are environmentally responsible and drive to sustainability and care for our employees ,health and safety our company of ideas committed to research and development our heritage inspire us to reach the next innovative , powerful and marketable idea
We listen to our customers and respond to their needs


۱۹۸۲ - Founded by Mr.Maleki

۱۹۸۵ -  Joint venture Refrigeration Equipment Company in Europe.

۱۹۹۵ -  Maleki establishes the factory  in Iran Ahvaz city. This first product of poly

urethane sandwich panel refrigeration equipment between 1985 & 1995 - Along list of

our produced, Cold room, Blood bank & Hospital related refrigeration equipment.

 ۱۹۹۶ - the average of our total production were  ۶۷ cold storage units in Iran & 9 Cold

storage units in Iraq country Basreh city

۱۹۹۹ - Installation of cooling systems in 18 Hospitals in Iran.

۱۹۹۹ - established of new factory & head office in Tehran.

۲۰۰۵ - Started manufacturing Air conditioning systems &equipment .

۲۰۰۷ -  Join in community research & development center ministry of industries ( R & D )

۲۰۱۱ - Has obtained the national standard ISO9001-2008 Swiss Cert Certificate.

Sarmacell is the brand name  of industrial refrigeration & HVAC systems

manufactured by Maleki industrial company.