shell & tube condenser


Maleki refrigeration industries Co is a leading manufacturer of industrial refrigeration & air conditioning systems equipment, has been developed for providing shell & tube evaporator.
The SWAE models which optimize for HCFC and HFC refrigerants is used in applications such as chillers, super market food storage cooling, industrial process cooling & low temperatures demand.
Evaporation temperature in the range of -10°c to -20 °c or less depending on the system efficiently and brines, such as propylen and ethylene glycols.
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After sales Service

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The most important property of each organization is its customers. The activities of each company are based on consumers’ requirements so if the buyers’ needs change, the company has to change. If an organization responds to the consumers’ complaints, criticisms and suggestions, it seems that customers are valuable for that organization.

Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co has established the online after sales services department to respond the customers’ complaints and value them. The customers can call this phone number and tell us about complaints, criticisms and suggestions or they can fill this field and explain the details.

After sale services department: +9821 44633807

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller


Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co(Sarmacell)  scroll chillers are completely packaged air cooled chillers suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications from 10 through 100 tons.

Our air-cooled scroll chillers provide chilled water for all air conditioning applications that use central station air handling or terminal units.


  • Energy-efficient and reliable compressors of Maneurop  and Copeland
  • Capacity modulation in steps
  • Extremely High Energy Efficiency
  • Microprocessor controller packed with intelligent features

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Water Cooled Mini Chiller


The air cooled scroll mini chillers with Copeland and Danfoss compressors are designed and manufactured to ensure efficient and reliable performance and provide economical system of air conditioning for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


·         Higher COP

·         Less moving parts

·         No need for a large installation space due to the small size and low weight

·         Return liquid resistance

·         Capability of using PLC control system

·         1 to 10 tons

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