Sarmacell Service takes pride in our fast response time when helping you with your emergency needs. Our factory trained service technicians and diagnostic equipment enable us to perform adjustments or repairs when you need them. In addition to repairing equipment, our skilled technicians can service all kinds of HVAC/R equipment and systems. With Sarmacell as your partner, you can be confident that all repairs are done correctly.


Sarmacell Service offers Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements for all HVAC/R systems and accessories.

Each agreement is tailored to meet the budget and operating needs of your facility and can include both preventive maintenance to keep your equipment running and predictive maintenance services to identify potential problems before costly breakdowns occur.

Sarmacell’s Service Agreements will help you:

  • Maintain the efficiency and reliability of all equipment
  • Minimize downtime, repair bills, and loss of use

Service Agreement options include:

  • Inspection and reports
  • Inspection with seasonal adjustments and preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance of chiller, cooling towers, compressors, rooftop units,…




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Maleki Refrigeration Ind.Co (Sarmacell) offers the most comprehensive HVAC/R service programs as follows:
· Emergency Service/Repair
· Parts and Supplies
· Start-Up/Commissioning
· Preventive Maintenance
· Rebuild/Refurbish
Our technicians can service your rooftop units, compressors and HVAC/R systems. We also provide preventive maintenance solutions to keep your system operating efficiently. We can design, replace, or upgrade your equipment to optimize the performance of your facility.